This is probably the most popular male enhancement product on the market right now. The Bathmate Hydromax has been sold globally for a couple of years now, and men have been happy with the enlargements in penis size they have been achieving.

The product is a penis pump, but unlike traditional air pumps it uses water to achieve a strong vacuum. The idea is that it can be used in the shower or the bath each day to help boost erection size and hardness. It works by sucking more blood into the penis than a normal erection. So, gradually over time, it expands the inner chambers of the penis which hold blood, these are known as the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum.

The bathmate hydropump is simple to use. While in the shower, you insert your erect penis into the pump, and also fill it with water. Then you pump some water out of the tube using the valve at the top. Your penis is forced to expand to fill the space that the water used to fill. This is what causes increased blood flow into the male organ.

It's recommended to do regular penis pumping sessions of about 15 minutes each day. This helps to keep growth steady and achievable over time. The manufacturer states that the device can increase length by 1-2 inches and girth by 1 inch. Some pretty good size gains!

They also recommend keeping a log of your progress when using the bathmate so you can see how well you are doing week by week. It will keep you motivated to do your sessions. It's worth mentioning that some men use the hydropump to help prevent erectile dysfunction too.

There are a few different bathmate models you can pick from. The original models were the Hercules and the Goliath for bigger men. But these have been replaced by the newer Hydromax series which comes in two sizes - Hydromax X30 for average penis sizes and the bigger X40 for larger sizes.

The suction of these models has increased by 35% over the originals, they also have a swivel action and comfort pads to ensure it's pleasant to use. And there is a measuring guide on the front so you can see what size you are reaching every session.

A cool accessory is the cleaning kit which can be used to reach in the pump and remove scum that might form. And you can get a shower strap to hold it upright in the shower or even a capsule case to store it in.

So many men seem to having success with the penis pump, and you can watch or read some of their reports online like this bathmate review on youtube. It looks like an effective way to get a bigger penis size over time, and it's affordable and safe as well.

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